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Why a Good DJ is Crucial to Your Wedding

Published on December 19, 2012

You’ve spent a lifetime dreaming of your wedding day, and the last few months signing several contracts to make your dream a reality. And now it’s time to hire your wedding DJ.  You have some options, and are wondering which DJ you should go with.


Option Number One:  The Family Member

Your cousin has graciously offered to DJ your wedding as your wedding gift. He will be perfect! After all, didn’t he DJ at your uncle’s back-yard barbeque? And, he does own some speakers and an IPod.  And the best part of it all? You can save yourself $1000 and spend more on the honeymoon. Seems like a winning offer.

The problem with taking your cousin’s generous offer is this:  You do not have a contract that he will abide to. You are at his mercy. He is first and foremost a guest at your wedding, and he will also behave like a guest. That means, he will be mingling around the room, absent from the DJ “booth”, chatting and most likely drinking cocktails with everyone.  As the night goes on, the familial DJ becomes less and less interested in the music, and more and more interested in the single bridesmaids.


Option Number Two: The Cheapest DJ in Town

We all like to save a buck. And let’s face it; If this wasn’t your wedding day, spending over $1000 to hear music is just plain financially irresponsible.  So….you heard about a DJ from your Bridesmaid. He was the DJ at her company Christmas party. He will only charge you $500 for the entire reception and the ceremony too. You’ve talked to him on the phone, and he seems like a nice guy. Even though the wedding is in four months, he is available.  “Let’s book him!” you declare to your fiancé that evening.

Major problems booking this DJ: He may not be a “Wedding DJ”. He is probably not skillful at being the Emcee for the evening, and he may not have what it takes to bring the house down on your night.  Does he know how to introduce you as a married couple? Does he have a good sense of timing that will move things along at a celebratory pace? Will he actually play music during the climatic moments? There is nothing more awkward than silence during the evening.


Option Number Three:  The Wedding DJ

They do exist. Venue wedding planners can even recommend one to you: The Skillful and Charismatic Wedding DJ. They meet with you and go over every detail that you never even realized made a reception flow from beginning to end. They fade out the music perfectly during your ceremony, they capture each moment with the ideal song, they send a shiver up the spine of your guests when they introduce the two of you as husband and wife. Most importantly, they don’t run your guests out of the reception early with bad music and amateurish timing. You won’t find them scoffing down the chicken wings on the buffet as you stand ready to dance your first dance. They are Professional.

Booking them early is a must. The better ones fill up their schedule a year in advance. You can spot the wedding-worthy DJs by their frequency on the web. They come up a lot in your Google search for a “Wedding” DJ. They also have viable and reliable references. Many real weddings have raved about this DJ. You find great reviews of them on wedding websites such as theknot.com and weddingwire.com .  And, a lot of other wedding vendors you have come in contact with know them.


You’ve done so much work to get here. You are standing at the door to your dream day. Do you really want to trust this occasion to the guy (but, he will give us a discount) your Dad plays golf with?  Will you want your guests to rave about the food as they are backing out the door at 7pm? Or do you want your guests to tell you that was the best wedding they have ever been to, as they are leaving barefoot at 12am?